Progress walking: good for progress

Recently we gave a training in progress-focused working to directors of secondary schools. We had also had these people in training courses in the past (some already several times). One of those present said that, following the first training session, he and a colleague went on a progress walk twice a week.

What is Progress Walking? 

I asked what progress walking was all about and he told me that his colleague each exchanges two things during their walks
  1. what meaningful progress have you made in the past few days ? 
  2. what meaningful progress do you want to make in the coming days? 

What does it bring? 

I asked him what progress walking brought them. He said the focus on progress achieved helped them to better see where they had made progress. In other words, it was a countermeasure for them against the negativity bias. The focus on what progress they wanted to achieve further helped them to get a clear idea of ​​what they wanted to work on next. He said that it was nice to have the conversations with each other and that the walking conversations helped a lot against the work pressure and provided energy. 

Walking: good for progress

Progress and walking make an interesting combination. Talking about achieved progress and further desired progress is often useful and fun anyway. But to do it waling is even more fun and useful. Walking is not only healthy for your body but also for your brain. A walk of about 20 minutes ensures good blood circulation in your brain and makes you creative. This will only benefit further progress of course. 

Progress ≈ move forward 

The combination of walking and progress is also interesting in another way. The word progress comes from the Latin word progressus (progress) which comes from the verb progredi (to go forward, to advance, to advance), a word made up of the parts pro (forward, for) and gradi (walk, go). 

Suggestion : Make it a habit to go on a progress walk with a friend or colleague a few times a week.