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Four progress strategies for personal and professional growth

People are inherently driven to grow and seek progress. This desire for progress extends to all facets of our lives – from early childhood to late old age. The question of how we can best achieve progress is not always simple. Different situations require different approaches. It can be very helpful to become familiar with four general progress strategies.

Growth mindset and reducing inequality in education

Cameron Hecht and colleagues have written an article about the importance of cultivating a growth mindset for reducing inequality in education. It provides an up-to-date insight into what growth mindset researchers are currently focusing on. Here are some key points from the article.

The vegan advantage: some recent findings

Recently I had a conversation with someone who eats a vegetarian diet. She asked me why I had chosen a vegan diet. I shared my arguments with her, namely that veganism is better for animals, is beneficial to health and reduces the burden on the environment . She was surprised that I mentioned health benefits of veganism, so I told her that there is a lot of scientific research that supports this. I offered to share some research data with her, but her response was unexpected. She said, 'No, never mind. I'm afraid that might leave me with no excuse not to go vegan.' A remarkable reaction, isn't it? Anyway, for those who do want to find out more, I've collected some recent studies here, all from 2023:

Research updates on mindset, motivation, progress, wisdom

Below you will find an ordered overview of research updates from the past 3 months. The links point to 100 - 200 word summaries of the studies. They are in Dutch. To read them in English, use the translate button (upper right).