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Do motivation and mindset predict life outcomes of older people?

Recent research by Lee et al. (2020) links self-determination theory and mindset theory . The research provides insight into how mindset and motivation are relevant to a good life in older people. The research also provides insight into how the fulfillment of basic psychological needs and mindset are related.

How a fixed mindset is related to depression

  Mindset is about more than learning and performing. A new paper by Seo, et al. (2020) shows how the relationship between a fixed mindset and internalizing symptoms (such as depression) comes about.

Save American Democracy

I'd like to share some thoughts on the importance of turning around the downward slide of American democracy which has been going on for decades and which is now accelerating.

Meta-analysis: antecedents and consequences of motivation in teachers

In a recent article, Slemp et al. (2020) present the results of a meta-analysis of the antecedents and consequences of controlled motivation and autonomous motivation in teachers. The meta-analysis, which analyzed 1117 correlation coefficients from 102 samples, tested important predictions of the self-determination theory .

Why vegan?

Book description: In Why Vegan? , Singer brings together the most consequential essays of his career to make this devastating case against our failure to confront what we are doing to animals, to public health, and to our planet.