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Fundamental human needs and forces

Three basic needs (SDT) As I've written about quite a few   times , self determination theory (SDT) has demonstrated three basic human needs which motivate people to initiate behavior: Need for autonomy, which is the perception of experiencing a sense of choice and psychological freedom in the initiation and continued engagement in one’s actions,  Need for competence, which is the perception of being effective in dealing with the environment, and  Need for relatedness, which is the sense of being cared for and connected to other people.  Four human forces (behavioral economics)

Contaminated mindware: how can we protect ourselves against it?

There is a set of beliefs, rules, strategies, convictions, etcetera that is called ' contaminated mindware '. Definition of contaminated mindware : not true: it is not grounded in evidence  potentially harmful: it is on the whole not beneficial for the one who holds it it can be very sticky and it can spread easily throughout a population.