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What work engagement is

In this post I mentioned some questions about work engagement. Now, here are some answers about what work engagement is, what causes it, and what benefits is has. 1. What is work engagement? Work engagement is a fulfilling state of mind of people at work which is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption ( ref ). Vigor refers to the energy, effort, persistence, and resilience; dedication refers to involvement, sense of significance ,  enthusiasm, inspiration, pride, and challenge; absorption refers to concentration, happy engrossment in one's work, feeling that time passes quickly and finding it hard to detach oneself from work. 2. What are work engagement's benefits? Work engagement is associated with workers’ creativity, their inclination to help colleagues, their organizational citizenship behaviors ( ref ; ref ) and their mental health ( ref ). Also, clients of engaged workers tend to be more satisfied ( ref ). 3. How stable is work engagement? R