Elon Musk

In 1993, Alfie Kohn wrote, “There is a time to admire the grace and persuasive power of an influential idea, and there is a time to fear its hold over us...At the point when objections are not answered anymore because they are no longer raised, we are not in control: we don't have the idea; it has us.” (Source

I've known this quote for almost 30 years and I think about it every now and then. Nowadays, this quote also reminds me of Elon Musk. There is surely a time to admire the unimaginable vigor and pioneering vision of this influential figure. But more and more I am reckoning that the time may come when we must become afraid of its hold on us.


Coert Visser said…
► In a new article in The New Yorker, journalist Ronan Farrow writes about Elon Musk's enormous influence on technology, space and world politics, and the concerns this raises about the concentration of power in the hands of tech magnates.

Elon Musk's company SpaceX played a crucial role in providing Internet connectivity in Ukraine (via Starlink, a satellite Internet service), especially during cyber attacks by Russia. However, there are concerns about Musk's personal control over the system and his reluctance to use the technology in war after Musk contacted Putin.

Complications arose when Musk proposed a peace plan in which parts of Ukraine, including Crimea, would be ceded to Russia.

Musk's influence on various sectors, including aerospace and transportation, is unprecedented and poses challenges to the U.S. government given their dependence on his companies.

Musk's influence on social media is noticeable, especially since his acquisition of Twitter. However, his attitude and behavior on this platform have also generated controversy.

Despite his previous involvement and funding of OpenAI, Musk has launched a new AI initiative called xAI, whose intentions and goals are still unclear.

Rodney said…
And if you offer even mild criticism of Musk’s ideas, his followers come out in vigorous defense.
Rodney said…
I've taken a break mostly from social media but I do plan to return to X. A lot of my subscribers came from X but more from LinkedIn.