Trump's words are a clear warning of what he intends to do: turn back civilization

Of the many things that can be held against Donald Trump (that very many things he says aren't true, his ruthless behavior in business, his many business failures, his unawareness of his own ignorance regarding policy matters, the fact that he's taking bragging to whole new levels, that he promises amazing things without explaining how he will achieve them, etc.), there is one thing that worries me most, and that is his philosophy that fire should be fought with fire.

What he has repeatedly explained is that he argues that in the fight against ISIS and terrorists, the US should become much tougher. He says that while "the enemy is chopping of heads", we should not be worrying about things such as waterboarding. In fact, according to Trump, the US should use waterboarding and worse torture techniques even if research shows these practices don't work. He has also argued for attacking the families of terrorists. Now, he has praised Saddam Hussein for fighting terrorists so effectively saying:
"You know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn’t read them the rights, they didn’t talk. They were a terrorist, it was over."*
This should be read as a clear warning of what Trump intends to do. He justifies breaking laws and taking away civil liberties to allow for ruthless acts of violence by arguing that our enemies are also ruthless and violent. This is primitive thinking. What it means in practice is that he argues for turning back civilization by inviting in lawlessness and violence.

I challenge the notion that you have to become bad in order to fight bad people. By doing that you harm your own morality, for which there will be a great price to pay.

Institutions in a civilized society should not compromise vital moral standards like Trump wants to. I would argue that enemies like ISIS need to be fought for sure and with determination, but also with the application of no more violence than is strictly necessary and without breaking laws or moral codes that are essential to our civilization.

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* This statement is utterly misleading since Saddam mainly killed countless innocent people  

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