September 3, 2015

IDoneThis: what have you done today?

This morning we did a workshop on the progress principle (read more) and on autonomy support (read more). This session was attended by someone who has done several trainings with us before and who is well informed about the progress-focused approach. During a reflection discussion we had right after having done an exercise, he mentioned a tool which I had not heard about before and which sounds interesting: IDoneThis.

This is a website to which you can easily register and which sends you an email at the end of each day asking you what you got done that day. Normally, our attention is mostly focused on things we still have to do and on problem which face us and not primarily on what has gone right.

I have suggested before to keep a progress diary. Something like that can help you get a clearer view on things you have accomplished. By noticing that that you are actually making progress you can get a more positive inner work life which enhances your performance.

This app, IDoneThis, can help you with this. The person in the workshop said that he did not answer the question every day but frequently and that it has a motivating effect. The app also provides the opportunity to share progress among team members so it can also be helpdful on a team level.

If you, as a reader of this post, want to try this tool out, I'd be interested in learning about your experiences.

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