May 18, 2015

HIIT – brief high intensity exercise

HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training; it takes little time and it is quite healthy. 

Several times I have written about the many benefits of physical exercise and, in particular, I have emphasized the advantages of brisk walking (for example, see here and here). But, as some readers have pointed out, moderately intensive exercise is not the only form of exercise which is beneficial. is. I agree. Maybe it is good to mention another form of exercising which has some unique benefits. This form is HIIT, high intensity interval training. With HIIT, you exercise intensively for about half a minute to a minute. While doing that, you approach the limit of what you can bear.

Some important health benefits of HIIT are that it enables the body to use oxygen and insulin better and that it makes arteries more elastic. This form of exercise, which is safe and pleasant for most people (not for everyone), appears to have, according to recent research, even more health benefits than prolonged moderately intensive exercise for patients with diseases like heart disease, diabetes, strokes, arthritis, pulmonary disease, and Parkinson's disease.

You do not need to go to the gym for HIIT exercises. Simple examples of HIIT exercises are: taking short sprints while walking, doing push ups, and running up some high stairs.

More details about HIIT can be found here:

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