February 1, 2015

Growth mindset associated with intrinsic motivation and persistence

The relations between implicit intelligence beliefs, autonomous academic motivation, and school persistence intentions: a mediation model
- Andréanne Renaud-Dubé, Frédéric Guay, Denis Talbot, Geneviève Taylor, Richard Koestner

Abstract: This study attempts to test a model in which the relation between implicit theories of intelligence and students’ school persistence intentions are mediated by intrinsic, identified, introjected, and external regulations. Six hundred and fifty students from a high school were surveyed. Contrary to expectations, results from ESEM analyses indicated that the four types of regulations do not mediate the relation between implicit theories of intelligence and students’ intentions to persist in school. Rather, results show two direct effects, where an incremental theory of intelligence is associated with greater school persistence intentions, as well as being motivated in an intrinsic manner. In addition, results reveal that academic achievement is related to persistence intentions. No gender differences were observed. This research highlights the importance of promoting students’ incremental intelligence beliefs and intrinsic motivation in order to foster school persistence intentions. Theoretical and practical implications for parents and teachers are discussed.

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