December 23, 2013

Top 25 of 2013

The year 2013 reaches its end so it's time for me to look back on what I've written this year and to make a list of what I think were the most interesting articles. Here goes:
  1. On the importance of evaluating truth claims
  2. Dogmatism in positive psychology and in the solution-focused approach?
  3. Beliefs are tied to actions and their consequences
  4. What work engagement is
  5. Utilizing the principle of reciprocity seeking in progress-focused coaching and mediation
  6. Should teachers focus on performance differences between students or within students?
  7. When children have low self esteem should you then give them person praise?
  8. We can never know what someone’s potential is
  9. The NOAM 7 steps approach of progress focused work
  10. Balancing a progress-focus and a commitment-focus
  11. 5 steps to harness the progress principle
  12. Free will is not an illusion
  13. Gardiner, Bach, and the desire to detect weaknesses in high-achievers
  14. The Science of Interest
  15. Dominant view of intelligence falsified
  16. The key to creating new jobs: empowering innovations
  17. People view cooperation as an end in itself
  18. Alfie Kohn’s critique on praise (which differs from Carol Dweck’s)
  19. Malcolm Gladwell's response - 10,000 hours, Deliberate Practice, and The Sports Gene
  20. 10 Misconceptions about mindset
  21. This just ruthless desire to win
  22. I am not entering a competition
  23. Self-handicapping
  24. Why we don’t use the concept of the future perfect
  25. You don’t know what a mountain is, do you?

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  1. Blog post #9 is extremely useful especially for those who are not well familiar with the solution-focused approach. I loved it.


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