March 14, 2013

Questions and ideas about work engagement

Since I started to study the concept of work engagement and have started to discuss it with friends and colleagues I have come across some interesting questions about and views on work engagement (thanks Caroline Heijmans, Xander Cladder and Gyuri Vergouw). I find it interesting to learn about these questions and views because I plan to learn more about the concept in the coming period. Here are some questions and views that were mentioned:
  1. Who is responsible for work engagement? 
  2. If there is a responsibility for organizations, is it really possible to improve workers' work engagement? 
  3. Isn't work improving engagement just a matter of good boss who takes time for you, challenges you and supports you when things are tough? If that is true, what is new about that? Haven't we known that for ages?
  4. Work engagement is about work circumstances. How can you convince organizations to invest in better work environments (and high quality of work) so that work engagement will increase? 
  5. to what extent is work engagement related to new ways of working? 
  6. How does diversity at work influence work engagement?
  7. How does long distance cooperation in multinational organizations (through teleconferencing, group ware etc.) influence work engagement?  
  8. Work engagement has some negative aspects. Engaged workers can be focused too much on themselves and their own career. 
  9. The concept of work engagement is less unambiguous than a concept like commitment.  
Question: What do you think about work engagement? Do you have specific questions of views?

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  1. The subject of Work Engagement has a different connotation to me as the Dutch word 'bevlogenheid'. Still my first thoughts go to idealism in a work place.

    To be able to have this idealism one has to be committed to the organisation, the job and the people one works with.

    I submit that work engagement and idealism in this context has a big connection with selfdetermination and progress in combination with organisation goals.

    It would be interesting to find out if this is something that works accordingly.


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