January 30, 2013

10 Quotes from Becoming solution-focused in brief-therapy

One of the books which was most helpful in getting me on track, many years ago, in solution-focused change was Becoming solution-focused in brief-therapy by John Walter and Jane Peller. Here are 10 quotes from the book:
  1. [W]e believe that all is becoming, and learning is never complete.
  2. Use of verbs like show, become, seem, and act as if promote a view that behaviors are temporary and changeable. 
  3. We do not believe that people have resources anymore than we believe that people have deficits. 
  4. It is not necessary to have everyone involved with a problem present in order to bring about change in the desired direction. 
  5. Approach each session as if it were the last and only time you will see that client. 
  6. Our agenda is to help our clients reach what they want. 
  7. Small changing leads to larger changing. 
  8. We are very upfront and direct about what we are about, which is helping people construct solutions in as short a time as possible. 
  9. All we want to do is facilitate the clients getting on track or in the process. 
  10. Clients may not initially think that they consciously decided to do the exception or change, but we invite them to think in terms of conscious control and personal responsibility. 

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