December 19, 2012

Best posts of 2012

This year, I have written slightly fewer posts than usual (partly due to the fact that I started this blog which required some time and attention, too). Here is a selection of the posts which I like best:

  1. What Solution-Focused Coaches Do
  2. Case: the trust is gone
  3. The Solution-Focused Mindset
  4. Taming the beast
  5. How the Solution-Focusedness of Coaches Is Related to their Thriving at Work
  6. A 3x2 model of solutions
  7. The test-and-learn approach appears to be associated with flourishing
  8. A Practical Approach for Realizing Desired Behavior in Your Organization
  9. 5 Suggestions for becoming a skilled solution-focuces professional
  10. 3 Principles of doing what works
  11. A growth mindset is associated with effort and thriving
  12. Beneficial effects of a progress focus
  13. 10 Suggestions for how to combine autonomy and structure
  14. Two lesser known disadvantages of fixed mindsets
  15. Balancing Time Perspectives
  16. How can we defend ourselves against those who try to control us by creating fear?
  17. Happiness and labor
  18. Combining practice based learning and theory based learning
  19. Follow Your Interests Not Your Talents
  20. Not every goal is good for you. Choose wisely what you wish for
  21. Conditions for perpetual peace
  22. How solution-focused is the SMART approach?

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