April 16, 2012

The Heroic Imagination Project: learning individuals to take heroic action during critical moments

I came across The Heroic Imagination Project (HIP), a nonprofit organization that teaches people how to overcome the natural human tendency to watch and wait in moments of crisis and to create meaningful and lasting change in their lives. HIP translates the research findings of Dr. Philip Zimbardo into meaningful insights that individuals can use in their everyday lives to transform negative situations and create positive change. HIP's mission is to encourage and empower individuals to take heroic action during critical moments, and to successfully initiate positive change in their own lives as well as that of their community and society as a whole.

One thing I find interesting about the project is that it acknowledges the great but often underestimated role of situations and systems in determining human behavior. As I understand it, the project teaches people to become more situationally aware and knowledgeable about several well-researched situational mechanisms such as: situation blindness, peer pressure and conformity, the bystander effect, obedience to authority, outgroup prejudice and discrimination, and social roles and expectations. This enables and encourages them to engage in mindful reflection and respond more effectively to difficult or unexpected circumstances.

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  1. This an amazing website. The resources there are wonderful, especially the videos.


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