March 15, 2012

What is your best experience with the solution-focused approach, so far?

I'd like to hear some experiences of readers.

My question simply is: "What is your best experience with the solution-focused approach, so far?"

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  1. Coert, here's a recent piece which I think strongly represents the use of SF in difficult organizational settings. I lifted it from an internal newsletter (the client asked me for the piece), so SF isn't mentioned. Be assured that SF was layered in at every level during this complex change project.

    Having worked on planning with many different organizations I can report that the entire planning engagement was a rewarding and stimulating experience. From the project briefing, to the work with the Core Team pre-planning, to the participant interviews, the Town Hall 'kitchen table' roundtable and then the two-day workshop, it was encouraging to witness the quality of the team. Their visible skill sets and work ethic were a good foundation upon which to set out to help close the gaps in delivering the strategic plan.

    Of note, once the team had clarified and re-framed their understanding of the strategic goals the group set about imagining the future they wanted with great thoughtfulness. They quickly bought into the benefits of being customer focused and could see how it would help align the organization's effort to work more closely together. Having the sales and applications team members present also greatly sped up clarification of goals.

    They then showed their capabilities by coming up with clear operational goals and action plans that visibly demonstrated how to close the performance gap using their resourcefulness and determination to succeed. Perhaps the most satisfying perspective was seeing that the team was willing to let go of the considerable differences that had slowed down progress in the past. Instead, new perspectives on leadership emerged.


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