March 16, 2012

Taming the beast

I got this interesting comment from Niklas Tiger:
I have been reading your blog for a while and I have really enjoyed it a lot. Your way of making SF understandable is brilliant! I am in the process of implementing SF skills into my organization, an IT company in northern Sweden with about 30 employees. We have been facing a problem that has been growing slowly over the years, that we have tried to address a number of times (but have never succeded in "taming the beast"). It’s an extremly complex IT-releated challenge that involves tons of different technology, processes and people. It also involves almost every aspect of our professional skills and knowledge and almost every employee in the company. We had recently come to the point where it is was so huge we didn't even think it would be possible to EVER find a solutions to this – it would take time, effort, energy, money and a project so huge we couldn’t even imagine who would want to try… Overwhelming is an understatement.
So, I read your post on small steps and was inspired in trying it out on this, the very largest of problems I could imagine, just to see what would happen. So what I did was to use traditional SF tools, such as describing the future perfect, scaling and counters, but with the focus of finding the very smallest steps that would take us in the desired direction. The first step I personally could imagine was to give some SF coaching to the one person now responsible for this “problem area”, and the smallest step he could imagine was to gather everyone involved or with usable skills into a meeting where we together would divide “the beast” into very small portions and give everyone the task of identifying the very smallest step forward on each part. 
This meeting took place three days ago, and even though we have yet done almost NOTHING, we all agree that this time we will succeed, and success is just around the corner – as a matter of fact, we allready feel we are on top of things! Truly amazing! Thank you for the inspiration!
Thanks, Niklas!


  1. Inspiring post, thanks Niklas. Especially after reading this post

    The assertion is, 'Organizations without processes never thrive'. It reviews a book on process management which declares in step #1 of process, 'Agree on the problem…it must not offer solutions'.

  2. Geweldig zo'n resultaat!


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