March 28, 2012

Question: do you know the rapid results approach to change?

Yesterday, David Creelman mentioned the Rapid Results Institute to me. As I understood from David, in the rapid results approach there are the following key steps to mobilizing a team, village or neighborhood: 1) Set a 100 day deadline to create urgency, 2) Talk about what other teams, villages or neighborhoods have accomplished in 100 days, and 3) Get people to vote on what they need to do. David will write more about that in a soon to be published article.

Hearing about this, I found it interesting right away because of the focus on fast movement forward, the previous success focus and the participativeness of the approach. So I googled 'rapid results' and found a book about the approach: Rapid Results!: How 100-Day Projects Build the Capacity for Large-Scale Change. I saw the first author's name is Robert H. Schaffer. Wait a minute. Don't I know that name? As a matter of fact, I do. I searched the archives of my own blog and found: Successful change programs begin with results about an article co-written in 1992 by this same Shaffer.  

Question: Do any of you, readers, have first-hand experience with the rapid results approach? If yes, what were your epxeriences?

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