February 18, 2012

The Solution-Focused Mindset

The Solution-Focused Mindset:An Empirical Test of Solution-Focused Assumptions
By Coert Visser
A web-based survey was administered which was filled in by 134 solution-focused practitioners to test a proposed set of nine solution-focused assumptions. The degree to which the respondents could be called solution-focused was established by asking about their number of years of experience with the solution-focused approach and how intensively they use the solution-focused approach. Then, respondents were asked to say to which degree they agreed with nine statements. Intensity of use of the solution-focused approach correlated positively with levels of agreement for all of the 9 assumptions suggests. Length of experience correlated positively with levels of agreement for all of but two of the 9 assumptions. These findings suggest that these variables effectively describe a solution-focused mindset. The set of assumptions may be used for educational purposes and for further research. Read full article ...


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