February 28, 2012

Question: what makes training effective?

The market for business training is large. Formal training programmes aim to help people to acquire or strengthen their knowledge, skills, and competencies. I am trying to learn about what makes training effective. What type training programme structures work best? What kind of exercises work best? How important is variety? What group sizes work best? What type of feedback is most helpful? What other factors play an important role?

I am asking you for help. Do you know of any systematic research which sheds light on this? Please let me know.

Question: what makes training effective?


  1. Great question! In training I an always searching for beter ways. I have found that a training which is designed with the Accelerated Learning method (Dave Meier has made a simple to use system) is far more effective than any other method so far.

    I am happy to tell you in more details of my experience with this approach. Just drop me a note.
    Sandor Lemstra

  2. Thank you, Sander. I've heard of this approach before. I've hear some enthusiastic comments. The purpose of my question now is to go beyond personal experiences and testimonies. Do you know what peer reviewed research has been done on it?

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