February 24, 2012

How the Solution-Focusedness of Coaches is Related to Their Thriving at Work

I have just finished a draft article. Here is its abstract:

While more evidence is now emerging on the effectiveness of the solution-focused approach to help clients, little is known about how working in a solution-focused way is related to practitioner thriving at work. A web-survey was administered to 258 coaches. The survey asked respondents about what they do in coaching sessions, what they believe about issues like people, change and helping, and how they view their work. The solution-focused approach was not mentioned in the survey, nor was any other approach. Through two separate pre-studies, however, it was possible to use the independent variables to compute scores for solutionfocused coach behaviors (SF Behavior), non-solution-focused coach behaviors (Non-SF Behavior), and agreement with solution assumptions (SF Mindset). Thriving at Work was calculated from three sets of dependent variables which were derived respectively from selfdetermination theory, the burnout literature, and the work engagement literature. SF Behavior and SF Mindset were positively correlated with each other and with Thriving at Work. These findings suggest that that working in a solution-focused way not only benefits clients but also practitioners. These findings may be useful for improving practitioner thriving and for developing strategies for reducing burnout, employee turnover, and sick leave.

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