January 25, 2012

Exercise: what have you become good at?

On this site you have often seen references to Carol Dweck's work on mindset (see this post, which, coincidentally, is one of this site's most popular posts ever). Here is a little exercise on the growth mindset. You may use it for your own benefit or you may use it to introduce the mindset concept to other people.

Exercise: what have you become good at?
It often happens that people become good at something which they once thought they would never be able to become good at. They did not expect to become competent or knowledgeable but they did. Please take a moment to think of something at which you used to be incompetent but at which you  now are competent. Take a moment to think and write down your answers to the following questions to help you reflect on how you have managed to become competent at that activity.

  1. What activity have you become good at that you once did not think you could ever become good at?

  2. How do you notice that you have become good at it? 

  3. How did you manage to become good at it? How did you approach it?

  4. What, in particular, has worked well to help you become good at it?

Was it useful to reflect on this?

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