October 18, 2011

How is the growth mindset relevant for you as a manager?

People who learn about the growth mindset (the belief in the mutability of human capabilities by effort and experience) sometimes ask me whether this isn't mainly relevant for raising and educating kids. They as me if the principles of the growth mindset are also relevant for adults. A question which is frequently asked in particular is whether it is relevant for managers.

The answer is simple: yes.

A growth mindset training by Peter Heslin (photo) et al. (2006) of managers made them more effective in their work:
  1. They became more open for feedback and criticism of their employees. 
  2. They became more effective in solving difficult problems by putting in more effort and by searching for more effective approaches. 
  3. They started to pay more attention to their employees’ growth and they recognized their growth earlier. 
  4. They gave them more positive feedback which is motivating.
  5. They started to see the usefulness of coaching and guiding employees more and became more effective in coaching and managing their employees. 
Question: how is the growth mindset relevant for you as a manager?

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