September 1, 2011

10 solution-focused lists

Lists. Some people love them, others hate them. Some have, ironically, even make a list of top 5 reasons why they don't like top 10 lists. But most top 10 lists for writing better blog posts, do suggest to use bullet point lists. Anyway, I have used them from time to time. Here I go again. It is a bullet list of bullet lists.
  1. 3 Tips for students of the solution-focused approach
  2. 4 Essential ingredients of solution-focused change
  3. 4 Questions for solution-focused self-coaching
  4. 5 Metaphors of the solution-focused approach
  5. 5 tips for sustaining change
  6. 6 critical reflections on the importance of doing what works
  7. 10 misconceptions of solution-focused coaching
  8. 10 questions for the solution-focused coach
  9. 10 attractive aspects of solution-focused work
  10. 21 Solution-Focused Techniques
Question: which of these list do you find the most useful one?

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