August 17, 2011

Testing the Association between Solution-Focused Coaching and Client Perceived Coaching Outcomes

Coert Visser

This paper describes a survey study into the association between solution-focused behaviors of coaches and clients perceived coaching outcomes. A web-based survey was administered with 200 clients of coaches. The survey consisted of a list of 28 coach behaviors, fourteen of which were solution-focused behaviors and fourteen were behaviors solution-focused coaches would avoid. Clients also were asked to describe on several dimension how effective the coaching had been. Solution-focused coach behaviors were strongly positively associated with positive coaching outcomes. Non-solution-focused coach behaviors were modestly negatively associated with positive coaching behaviors. A multiple regression analysis was done which gave some insight into which specific coach behaviours were predictive of coaching success. The paper closes with some reflections on the implications of this study and on follow-up research.

This article is currently under review. 
Hope to publish it on this blog soon.

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