August 18, 2011

Question: What is your favorite question?

Questions can have surprising power. As Marilee Adams said: "A powerful question alters all thinking and behaving that occurs afterwards." Question are essential tools, not only for coaches and therapists but also for scientists, managers, and teachers. The way questions are phrased may influence us in unexpected and liberating ways. In my work and in my life I have discovered certain questions that I have come to find very useful and which have impacted me. Some of these questions have become favorites of mine. Before I mention these, I'd like to ask you. Question: What is your favorite question? (I'll post some examples which you sent below):
  1. Paulius Rate: "Why is it important to you?"
  2. Astrid de Vries: "What are you proud of?"
  3. Olga Elena Papatriantafillou: "What do you think you (feel, think, do) instead?".
  4. Marike Smilde: "What was useful? How will you notice that ...? What will be different then?"
  5. Coert Visser: "How would you like your situation to become?"
  6. Margreeth van der Kooij: Instead of asking a question: remaining silent with an open appreciative attitude
  7. David Johns: "I am curious as to what has been better for you in the last week?
  8. Herman PrĂ¼st: "Was this useful, how useful was this?"
  9. Paul Grantham: "Why aren't things worse than they are?"
  10. Stephan Verveen: "Why?"
  11. Lita Pern: "And......?"
  12. Ingrid Larik: "Please explain what you mean, I'd like to understand you..."
  13. Sarah Cudmore: "What else?"
  14. Mieke van Eggelen: “What did you do well since we last spoke to each other?”
  15. MirjamFortuin: "What goes right?"
  16. Fiona Christie: "What's your understanding of...?"
  17. Monique Biloro: "How does it work for you?"

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  1. As a careers consultant I find "what's your understanding of.." a simple way of checking a client's knowledge in a non-threatening way. Particularly useful when talking about specific career ideas or competition for jobs. people often know more than they realise...


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