April 27, 2011

Paranormality - Why we see what isn't there

There is a new book by psychologist Richard Wiseman (also author of the book 59 seconds). The book is called Paranormality and it is about the science into beliefs in supernatural phenomena. Interesting stuff for skeptical thinkers. Pleasantly written and very informative.

Book description: "For the past twenty years, psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has immersed himself in the weird world of supernatural science; testing telepaths, spending nights in haunted castles, and attempting to talk with the dead. In Paranormality he cuts through the hype and goes in search of the truth behind extraordinary stories of poltergeists, possession and second sight. And along the way, he shows us some really rather remarkable things about how our brains work, how it is possible to have an out-of-body experience or lucid dream of our own, and just why we feel the need to believe. . ."

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