April 28, 2011

4 Questions for solution-focused self-coaching

Today, a few people I spoke were reflecting on self-coaching. One person wondered to what extent that would be useful and another person reflected on how solution-focused questions might help. My view is that the solution-focused approach can be very useful for self-coaching, indeed. Here are 4 questions for solution-focused self-coaching:
  1. Change desire: What would I like to be different and what is my reason for wanting this?, 
  2. Desired situation: How would I like my situation to become, what would I like to be able to do?, 
  3. Past success: When have I, in a more or less comparable situation, already been able to achieve something like that?, 
  4. Step forward: What has been useful in reflecting on this and what small step forward might I take? 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Coert: Been self-coaching myself for years with varying success :)

    Got back into a serious yoga practice recently and now included the question to myself: What is it about my situation or my response to it that I am not accepting?

    I am getting better at simply witnessing my emotional state (often frustration or anger. Comes with growing older!!) and accepting that is my reaction to my circumstance.

    From this point I ask myself what is it I would have different? Often the answer that comes back is nothing need change but my own response could be gentler.

    Then from that gentler more loving and accepting place I am better able to see the next small step forward.


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