March 26, 2011

(How) has working solution-focused influenced your life?

Researchers LaFountain and Garner (1996) once did a study in which they tried to find out have using different treatment approach by student counselors affected the counselors themselves. They compared counselors who worked solution-focused with counselors who did not. They found that counselors using the solution-focused approach reported less exhaustion and depersonalization and felt they could help their clients better.

I am not aware of more research into the effects of working solution-focused on the professional (usually and understandably the focus is on effects on clients). But more research could be interesting. I suspect there may be all kinds of different ways in which working solution-focused might have influence both the way professionals think about and relate to their work and their outlook on life and the way they view themselves. I am curious what you, reader, think about this. Has the approach changed you? Were they good changes, bad changes, a combination?

My question is: (How) has working solution-focused influenced your life?


  1. Great question. In my work with organizations I have noticed over the last ten + years that the solutions they create (vs. problem focus) and the sustainability of the outcomes they enjoy have a strong influence in the way I think about myself.

    I have seen that the normal self-doubt (problem focus - personal and professional) that most of us live with, for me, has not gone away, but is easier to manage and put into context.

    I have yet to find a way to easily self-administer solution focused practices to some of the situations where I occasionally think I’m stuck.

    So, SF has a positively recursive effect on my thinking about myself...and I don’t manage it. Maybe it manages me!

  2. Coert this is great.
    When I discovered SF it already correlated with what I was doing and what always created results.
    When working with people and choosing to actively find the active and what is working side of the process, the shift in language creates a shift in behavior.

  3. Hi Alan, It reminds me a bit of what I heard someone - I forgot who - recently say: "I do still get worried from time to time but I worry less about my worries ..."


  4. Hi Mike, I think many people will have that too, that they were already doing SF like things before they heard about it. The same is the case with me. So the change that has gone on after I deliberately started to apply SF was already going on.


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