February 27, 2011

2 Teachers' tools to help build an autonomy supportive classroom: SVE and FIV

Here are two tools for teachers to help build an autonomy supportive classroom. For young people growing up it is important to be able to define and choose direction-giving values, goals and interests which can function as criteria on the basis which decisions and choices in life can be made which feel meaningful. The more autonomous this process of formulation these direction giving values, goals and interests will feel, the more ownership the person will feel for them. How then, can we as teachers and parents, guide and facilitate this process without running the risk of distorting the perception of autonomy? In this book, Johnmarshall Reeve and Avi Assor describe recent research on two approaches to guide this process:
  1. SVE: Support of reflective Value/goal Exploration. Students are encouraged to examine and discuss the extent to which they see various goals and values as worthy and desirable. Research indicates that SVE not only helps to formulate values and goals but also improves students' engagement, wellness and grades. 
  2. FIV: Fostoring Inner directed Valuing processes. This is a technique which is used when students face difficult decisions. It consists of three parts: 1) helping students to calm down before making a decision, 2) examining one's values, and 3) encourage the consideration of alternatives and relevant information before deciding. Briefly, FIV supports value and goal based decision making under stress. 

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