December 24, 2010

This year's blogposts

I enjoyed blogging this year. I learned a lot from writing these 229 posts and from the interaction that emerged from them. Thanks to all the followers of this site. Here is a selection of some of what I think are some of the most interesting posts.
  1. 3 Tips for students of the solution-focused approach
  2. 6 critical reflections on the importance of doing what works
  3. A mathematical look at change can be helpful for practical change professionals
  4. Applying the strength of weak ties to find a new job
  5. Assumptions of Solution-Focused Change
  6. At no point were confrontations needed
  7. Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness Support in Solution Focused Change (Youtube video)
  8. Building healthy and productive habits - how do you reach maximum automaticity?
  9. Deliberate practice and deep practice
  10. Effective conversation: focus and sensitivity
  11. Encouraging self-compassion in solution-focused coaching
  12. Exchange is the root of virtue and prosperity (Youtube)
  13. Exit genetic determinism: example of genes-environment interaction
  14. How can crime rates be brought down? → Priorities in law enforcement
  15. How Equality is Driving Thriving
  16. How honest is it to assume the solution-focused posture?
  17. Interview with Claude Steele
  18. Interview with Wally Gingerich
  19. Leadership and attribution styles: does modesty work?
  20. Losing the surplus problem
  21. Mastery through Myelin
  22. My 21 videos on the solution-focused approach
  23. On positive psychology: my worries, views, suggestions and questions
  24. Past, present, future X negative, positive - Light hearted example of a solution-focused conversation
  25. Pathways to solutions (2010)
  26. Redirecting attention from negative to positive in 3 small steps (P->C->O)
  27. Reflections on the effects of goal setting and communicating
  28. Scaling questions with multiple goals
  29. Self-Determination Theory Meets Solution-Focused Change: Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness Support in Action
  30. SFC CUBE: three dimensions of solution-focused change
  31. Solution-Focused Attributional Interventions
  32. Solution-focused planning
  33. Suggestions to help build the bridge between the better past and the better future
  34. The Formulation of Achievable Goals
  35. The Motivation Continuum (Self-Determination Theory)
  36. The Optimal Zone Scale - adaptation of the solution-focused scaling question
  37. The shift from direct person-focused compliments to indirect process-focused compliments
  38. The WHAT, WHO, and WHEN of successful change
  39. Bad baskets spoil good apples
  40. Attributional charity

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