November 30, 2010

Formulate one very optimistic statement about the world or humanity

Of course, I know, throughout the world in each and every life there are many problems and there can be lots of suffering. I acknowledge that. Also, I know that there are serious problems and threats going on in the world, right now. Having said this, I think it is very important to also acknowledge that many things in the world are going right and that with respect to many important issues things are actually improving and have been improving for a long time. Also, I think it is important to acknowledge that many pessimistic predictions of the past have not come true. Believing positive change can happen and that we can make it happen is important because the belief that beneficial change is under our control is a prerequisite to achieving it. With that in mind, in this recent post, I formulated a list of optimistic statements. Here are a few examples:
  1. People can and do change all the time especially when they feel they are taken seriously and treated fairly
  2. Religious conflict is solvable. 
  3. There is already a slow (and sometimes not so slow) but steady trend towards emancipation of women throughout the world. 
  4. There is nothing inevitable about high crime rates. 
  5. Although there will sometimes be local exceptions, throughout history the prevalence of violence has gone down and continues to go down.
  6. The coming decades will show the decline of hunger and poverty in Africa.
It can sometimes be hard to find optimism within ourselves but it can be useful and I think it can be learned.

Question: I am challenging you to formulate one shamelessly optimistic statement about the world or humanity. 


  1. As time goes by, we, the people, learn to communicate better and with a better understanding brought forth by this better communication, all major conflicts will wither and die.

  2. Mike Dooley (Notes from the Universe) posted three in one and found a place on my office wall:

    "See their good.
    See nothing else.
    Do it for you."


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