October 14, 2010

Post #1000

Here we are at post 1000!

In 2005, I first heard about blogging and I remember I did not really understand what it was. They explained it was something like an online diary and quickly decided it was nothing for me. In 2006, a few people suggested to me to start blogging about the solution-focused approach. Although this surely sounded a lot better than 'online diary' I replied that I really could not see myself writing something on a nearly daily basis. Where on earth would I get ideas to write about so frequently? But after turning the idea down, I kept thinking about it and decided to try it out anyway so that I could better judge whether it would be something for me or not. I started a Dutch blog and several months later I started this blog, in February 2007 and decided to see where it would go.

After some time, I noticed it was sometimes quite hard to find topics to write about. Also, I was a bit disappointed by what I thought was a rather limited number of comments the blog received. Most posts drew no comments at all while other bloggers seemed to draw much larger audiences. I thought about it, concluded "oh well" and decided to continue blogging anyway. The reason was I had discovered that I myself learned from blogging. Also, I discovered that it is very interesting to explore and write about things which fascinate me. Fascination itself is fascinating. The interesting thing is that fascination never seems to disappear but keeps on changing. I found it continuously develops and changes in surprising ways and directions. I have learned to follow where my fascinations goes.

Just as I started to forget about acknowledgment and the number of comments to my posts, and started to write for myself more and more, the number of comments started to increase. Many people reply online but many do so via e-mail or via Facebook or twitter. Also, the number of followers via Google Friend Connect has been growing steadily. Not only is it very nice to get responses from people from all corners of the world, often these responses contain great food for thought, as well (whether I agree with them or not). I owe some followers of the blog who respond very frequently to this blog a big thank you! (You know who you are, don't you?).


  1. Congratulations Coert. Thanks for posting this valuable source of inspiration.

  2. Desmond Tutu said: "It is more blessed to give than to receive because in giving, although it doesn't seam so, you receive"

    You gave yourself through this blog and you received yourself, a better self. :)

    As you noticed, it works and, in the spirit of SFC, if it works, do more of what works. :D

    Thank you for this blog.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful words, peter! :)

  4. Thanks for your sharing so generously, Coert!
    I agree with Peter. You are a true manifestation of Ubuntu:

    Desmond Tutu: “Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can't be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality - Ubuntu - you are known for your generosity. We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.”

  5. Coert,

    Congratulations on reach your 1000th post. I love your blog and have learned so much from it.

    Also, I love that you actually respond to emails and make posts to answer my and other reader's questions.

  6. Hi Rodney, so glad you like the blog, thanks!

  7. Dear Coert,

    Thank You so much for your regular high quality posts about the solution-focused approach. I've followed your posts for at least a couple of years and though I have not commented before, you should know that I find them to be very well written and of exceptional value. Your posts always provide fresh perspectives and inspiration to practice the SF approach. Thank you so much for sharing your thinking and being a real thought leader in the world SF community. One of your here-to-fore quiet admirers!


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