September 26, 2010

Solution-focused before you ever heard of it

Before I had ever heard about the solution-focused approach I have on several occasions in my life, I guess intuitively,  acted and thought in a very solution-focused way. One of these occasions which I remember ironically took place in the beginning of the 1980s around the time the approach was developed. 
Many solution-focused colleagues have told me they too have acted and thought solution-focused before they heard about the approach. I am curious about your experiences. 

My question is: Do you remember you have acted or thought in a very specific solution-focused way too before your ever heard about the approach? If so, what principle or technique did you think of or apply?


  1. This is an excellent question because it is solution-focused in itself; it forces one to use a main principle of the theory, namely, that there have always been times in the past when effective solutions were applied to a problem.

  2. I agree. I think this principle must have always been around to some extent. Both in our own individual lives and in history.


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