August 23, 2010

The Solution-Focused Aproach is not an Island

"In more than one sense, SF is not an island. First, however unique the background was that has led to the development of the set of assumptions and techniques that we now call SF, in many ways SF overlaps with many adjacent approaches, such as appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, the positive deviance approach and non-violent communication. Instead of keeping a distance from these approaches, we argue it would be wiser to foster cross links so that cross fertilisation may happen and more useful knowledge and techniques may emerge for more people to use. Second, SF is not an island in the sense that it can not permit itself to refrain from following scientific developments and making scientific contributions. Individual clients, client organisations and society at large rightfully demand that SF professionals not only discover things that work but also justify what they do by scientifically testing their claims. In order to justify what we do, we need not only to do systematic research but also to explore and establish links with research into other approaches and disciplines so that knowledge can be integrated across disciplines and further developed. By reaching out like this more people will be able to benefit from the great discoveries that have been done in the field of SF. Just as importantly, the SF community is bound to learn from other disciplines and approaches."

~ Source: Supporting Clients´ Solution Building Process by Subtly Eliciting Positive Behaviour Descriptions and Expectations of Beneficial Change


  1. Isn't Self-efficacy a useful researched concept that could explain why SFC works?

  2. Like the SFBT therapists who brought SF to the world we need to research SF in the work we do. And understand other approaches, starting out with the assumption that they also work.

  3. Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. One of these days, I'll write a post about self-efficacy and how it relates to SF.


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