August 8, 2010

Making Learning Whole

David Perkins' new book is called Making Learning Whole. It presents a theory of education which is based on the following seven principles:
  1. Play the whole game
  2. Make the game worth playing
  3. Work on the hard parts
  4. Play out of town
  5. Play the hidden game
  6. Learn from the team
  7. Learn the game of learning


  1. The best thing I found recently regarding education is the Khan Way. Basically, a series of movies should be created to explain the concepts and then have the kids go through the movies and learn the concepts by themselves. A formal institution (school) could provide the needed materials and teachers could guide and provide further information in case something is not as clear as it can be. Kids should be encouraged to teach the concepts to lower levels using a methodology similar to the one their teachers use to teach them. Basically, every kid should be turned into a teacher.

    Relevant link:

  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for the link. I'll have a look at it.


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