August 9, 2010

Basic position of the solution-focused practitioner

Following up on this post, here is a list of items by the editors InterAction, the journal of SF in organisations describing the basic position of the solution-focused practitioner:
  1. Change is happening all the time - our role is to find useful change and amplify it
  2. Resource orientation rather than deficit orientation
  3. A "not knowing" stance (having as few assumptions about the client as possible and deeming clients to be the experts of their own lives and desires)
  4. A respectful, non blaming and co-operative stance
  5. An interactional view (inbetween not "ïnside" a person)
  6. Working towards their client's goals from within their client's frames of reference, while keeping their own (external) perspective
  7. Treating each case as different and developing the process according to what the client says rather than imposing a fit into a theoretical or conceptual framework - the process emerges differently each time based on what the clients say/do/want

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  1. Thanks Katalin for posting a link on SOL-SA [] to this blog of Coert's - and thanks Coert for (unkowingly?) adding to our reflections -
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