July 10, 2010

Think of the future as an open question

An article at scientificamerican.com reports on a study which indicates that those with questioning minds are more intrinsically motivated to change. They are looking for a positive inspiration from within, rather than attempting to hold themselves to a rigid standard. Those asserting will lack this internal inspiration, which explains in part their weak commitment to future change. Put in terms of addiction recovery and self-improvement in general, those who are asserting their willpower were in effect closing their minds and narrowing their view of their future. Those who are questioning and wondering are open-minded—and therefore willing to see new possibilities for the days ahead. Read full text


  1. Coert,

    This is a great study and I think validates a few SF principles. One in SF you leave the path to the desired future open. And two, you use questions to help lead the client, you don't tell them what to do.

    By the way, I wrote about this study over a month ago on my blog at this link http://www.selfinfluence.net/two-words-scientifically-proven-to-increase-your-motivation/

    I think I'm going to start subscribing to Scientific American Mind after reading this. Every time I pick up that magazine I find something worth learning.


  2. Hi Rodney, yes, it is interesting, isn't it? Thanks for commenting.

  3. Coert,Rodney.
    I faced a serious conflict of interest recently: on the one hand my commitment to promote SF in general, and on the other hand an investment (money)in my business =(GOAL). In effect I became my own client! (I WILL?) decided to go for the GOAL - but HEART said NO! Looking back I can now see the path to the desired future open & no longer as Either/Or but as AND/AND. Just sharing with you two that sometimes the client is "I" - and "I will" come indeed from the inside

  4. Hi Elta,
    thanks for your comment. I am not sure I understand exactly what you mean (I know I can be a slow understander :)

  5. I don't believe it is about your being a slow understander ;)
    Re-reading my own post I know what I wanted to share, but that is not what I wrote.
    Putting it bluntly, what I am trying to say in reference to Rodney's post is this:
    Sometimes we need to apply the same approach for ourselves - because we are also cients, if not someone else's then our own. Like walking the talk?


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