June 21, 2010

Past, present, future X negative, positive - Light hearted example of a solution-focused conversation

This video presents The Solution-Focused Fields of Attention Framework (© Coert Visser)


  1. Coert,

    Thanks for posting this. It was very useful. I loved how the coach turned the complaints into statements of desire. Very good work.


  2. Hi Coert. I think this is a really useful model for thinking about the process of solution focused helping. Id like to use it, if that's OK. Do I attribute it directly to you ? Paul Grantham

  3. Hi Paul, Thank you. Sure you can use it. Indeed, I thought this framework up so please attribute to me.

  4. Very useful. I am impressed by how the framework makes the SF process so much clearer. Thank you!

  5. Brilliant. I want to use this in my classes with students and give proper credit .. Coert, did you create this?

  6. Hi, yes I created it. Thanks for giving it proper credit. I am curious about your students' responsed to it.

    PS I think I recognize your face from the small photo but it does not mention a name. I am curious if I guessed right who you are.


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