May 26, 2010

New book: Doing Something Different- Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Practices

There is a new book on solution-focused practices!
(Btw, I wrote two contributions to it):

Doing Something Different -Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Practices
Edited by Thorana S. Nelson.

Many books on solution-focused brief therapy provide histories, overviews, and uses of the approach. This book does not do any of those things. What it does is provide those interested in the solution-focused approach with a plethora of ideas for practice, training, and simply enjoying the solution-focused approach and its practice in therapy, consulting, supervision, coaching, and enjoying solution-focused ideas. The book includes favorite quotes and stories, outrageous moments in therapy, and a list of solution-focused songs. Anyone who enjoys the approach in any manner should find something that grabs the interest and tickles the senses and sensibilities. Readers should come away informed, entertained, thoughtful, and amused.

Table of ContentsTaylor, Foreword. Preface. Section One: Interventions and Practices. Visser, The Optimal Zone Scale. Thomas, 7-Eleven. Waskett, The Solution Focus: A Universal Tool. Thomas, Scaling Agency With Clients When they Begin Taking Antidepressants. Shilts, Using Scaling to Assess Couple Readiness for Therapy. Scott, Solution-Focused Assessment. Hackett, Ball, A Convergent Couple Scale. Shafer, Dis-ease Free. Switek, A Colourful Solution-Focused Game. Ziegler, “Visitor,” “Complainant,” “Customer” Revisited. Waskett, Appreciating What Works in the National Health Service. George, Sparkling Moments. Mitchell, A Singing Miracle. Fiske, A Clinical Exercise: Common Ground. Visser, Using Scales With Multiple Goals. Bodien, Focus on Microprogression in Solution-Focused Conflict Resolution. Terni, Reducing Personnel Turnover Rate from 50% to 10%. Terni, Opening for Brief Coaching Sessions. Bodien, A Solution-Focused HR Professional. Baeijaert, Stellamans, Resiliency and Challenge. Baeijaert, Stellamans, Coaching for Resilience. Trenhaile, Strength-Based School Meetings. Young, Responding to Bullying in Primary Schools. Avard, Solution Focus in UK Schools – One Therapist’s Practice. Bliss, Extreme Listening: Taught by People With Asperger Syndrome. Taylor, Big Brother. Black, Engaging the Imagination. Avard, Breaking Down Barriers. Taylor, Working With Chaotic Families. Hackett, Paper, Scissors, Stone: An Interactive Family Scale. Boyd, Watters, Diabetes Education and Support Group: A Different Conversation. Section Two: Training. Switek, How Do People Learn SFBT? Zalter, A Goal-Setting Questionnaire. Zalter, The Miracle Question. Walker, Strength Identification. Switek, Solution-Focused Dominoes. Zalter, Quotable Quotes. Freeman, E-Mail from the Future Supervision. Gorden, The Artful Diagnostician. Huibers, Circle Exercise. Johnsen, TAKEN DRUGS. Gorden, Stuck in Isomorphism and Coaxing the Way Out: Via Less Dolorosa. Fiske, Scaling Practice. Fiske, A 10-Minute Solution-Focused Interview Training Exercise. Fiske, Workplace Training Exercises. Fiske, Four Constructive Conversations. Johnsen, Description, Reflection, Speculation (DRS). Gorden, The Worst Things You Could Ever Hear in a Therapy Hour. Smock, Evidence-Based Supervision: Identifying Successful Moments of SFBT. Froerer, Smock, Training Therapists for SFBT Group Work: A Multidimensional Approach. Korman, Psychiatry Should Be a Parenthesis in People’s Lives. Simon, When the Client Doesn’t Follow the Script. Thomas, Semaphore, Metaphor…Two-by-Four. Wheeler, Certificate of Competence. Zalter, Toolbox for Work-Life Balance. Section Three: Theory. Avard, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Watercolours. Ziegler, Neuroscience and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Or How SFBT Can Change the Brain. Terni, Change We Can Believe In. Section Four: Stories, Poetry, Quotes, Songs, Outrageous Moments in Therapy, Solution-Focused Quotes, and a Bibliography. Kiviat, Friday Night Service. Waskett, Michelangelo’s Secret Weapon. Kiviat, Creating Calm Out of Chaos: Using Solution-Focused Techniques With Family Members. Trenhaile, Insoo. Nelson, The Damn Dog. Simon, Poems. Thomas, Solution-Focused Haikus. Thomas, Solution-Focused Song Titles. Various, Favorite Questions, Quotes, and Ideas. Various, Quotes That Sit Well With Solution-Focused Approaches. Section Five: Outrageous Moments in Therapy. Change, An Unusual and True Answer to the Miracle Question. Ziegler, Liar, Liar. Simon, F**k-Off Therapy. Hackett, T-Shirt. Iveson, Over-Developed Emotions. Hanton, Outrageous Moments in Therapy. Section Six: Resources. Various, Solution-Focused Quotes. Campbell, Contributions of Steve de Shazer (1940-2005) to Brief Family Therapy.

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  1. Have been going through this book over the last couple of months and love it. Have used some of the training items on the group I am training in the mental health inpatient setting


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