April 14, 2010

Did I pass the test?

Recently, I heard a nice little conversation between a teacher and one of her students. The brief conversation reminded me of Carol Dweck's work. The conversation took place in the hallway of the school during a brief break.

Student: Miss, miss!
Teacher: Yes?
Student: Did I pass my test?
Teacher: (While putting her bag down) I don't know, I don't remember. Did you study well? 
Student: Yes, I studied hard. Could you please check if I passed it? I am SO curious.
Teacher: (Takes out her planner and opens it) Well, I guess if you studied hard, you must have passed the test...
Student: I really hope so….
Teacher: Let's have a look ... mmm…  Yes! You've got a B.
Student: Really?
Teacher: (Smiling) Yes. I figured you would. If you study well, you're likely to pass. And that is what you did. 
Student: YES! Now I'll be working even harder for my next test.
Teacher: I'll bet you that will be an even higher grade for that test, then...
Student: (Walks away beaming with pride)


  1. Great how the teacher gets the student to see that hard working gives higher grades!


  2. Storytelling is such a powerful way to teach a concept, and this very succinct story can help leaders to be better coaches. Thanks Coert.

  3. Great example. It's so important that a person knows why they've succeeded and not just that they succeeded.


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