March 18, 2010

Expectation - Experimentation - Encouragement

Katri Kytöpuu, from Finland, asked the following question on twitter: "What three words spring to your mind, when you think about school, education and learning?" Here is my answer to that question: Expectation - Experimentation - Encouragement
What's yours?


  1. Indoctrination, Discovery, Awareness. :)

  2. thx peter,
    discovery and awareness i get but indotrination i don't

  3. I see most of the schooling as a "STFU! Eat This!" I see it dictatorial and absurd. Way to few teachers stir up curiosity and creativity. Most of my college classes reduced me to a very poor an faulty copy machine. A lot of the teachers used the time to dictate their written and dated course support. Some of them made us buy their books. I particularly remember a Robotics professor that did this. I bought his book with some hope to read something interesting about this field and discovered that it was frozen in time around 1976.

    Highschool wasn't any better. Gymnasium was similar and Primary School was marked by corporal punishment from the teacher.

    It was almost always their way or the highway. We, the students didn't get to question the teaching either as method or content so... indoctrination.

  4. i understand: you have experienced indoctrination but you would like education to be different. What would you like to see in education instead of indoctrination?

  5. FIRE!

    :) Teachers should cultivate fire in their students and let them burn as brightly or as dimly as they CHOOSE.

    Schools like A.S. Neill's Summerhill are a better alternative.

    Also, I would like to see personality scouting in schools. Teachers should always be on the lookout for clues to the students passions/competencies and guide them in activities that reveal these passions.

    Passion is a catalyst. It will turn a regular human being into a jaw-dropping source of amazement.

    General knowledge based teaching should be at most until 12-14 years of age. After that should start a destiny path where children should be immersed in different development environments or... fields where they get to watch and learn the very basics of a certain career.

    Another way of putting it: teachers should not create gray, identical cogs for the industrial machine but should direct the child in its current form and shape to the place in the puzzle of this life that fits him or her best.

  6. thanks, what you write reminds me a lot of intrinsic motivation which I think is very important and powerful indeed

  7. There are TONS of papers written in the last 50 years proving the outdated form of current schooling. Yet... nobody does nothing.
    Inertia... huge inertia.

    Same as in business. There are tons of studies showing the problems with rewards... yet.... :)

  8. Hi Peter, what can I say to that? I agree that a lot of work needs to be done. But I do think at least some good and effective work is done.

  9. I agree... things do change. :)
    I would, however, like for them to change faster. :)


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