March 29, 2010

Can you SF-coach a person who is already familiar with solution-focused change?

In response to my post of yesterday, Simon Visser asked: Can help a person who is familiar with solution-focused change? Wonderful question. My experience is: yes you can. Three thoughts come to mind:
  1. Most people familiar with SF tend to have some good experiences with it which is likely to make them lenient.
  2. SF'ers will probably use it themselves (self-coaching). When when helping such people, it may even be so that they will help formulate the questions.
  3. When they say something like: "Oh I know that question, that is the scaling question", It is probably wise to respond something like: "Ah, you know that one! Do you think it will be useful to try that question?" If they agree, go ahead, if not, figure out together what may be more useful.
Stanus Cloethe, a solution-focused coach from South Africa, when reading this reply, added the following: "Even I experience something different when somebody else takes me through the SF process - it helps to find a different perspective."


  1. Having been coached by other SF practitioners, and having coached them I can say: yes, you can.
    No doubt in my mind.
    Since you both know the process, the co-construction quality of the SF approach becomes even more apparent - and I think it is better.
    It's fun as a coach, because you can at some point check with the professional side of your client, e.g.: "I am now tempted to ask you the miracle question; would that be useful for you or do you have any other suggestions?"
    Just last Friday I coached someone who is a great SF practitioner and we both know, and it went extremely well... :)


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