February 5, 2010

Pathways to solutions (2010)

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  1. I made this model largely inspired by models by Steve de Shazer and his colleagues of the Brief Family Therapy Center (BFTC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US (for instance their work on BRIEFER to which Wally Gingerich contributed importantly) and by John Walter and Jane Peller (Becoming Solution-Focused in Brief therapy (1992)

    The model is of course a reduction of reality. It is a descriptive model rather than a descriptive model. It shows how solution-focused conversations usually roughly develop. Needless to say, each conversation is unique and this model should never be forced upon a client.

    As the model shows the client is invited to choose and define his goals and is then through some carefully chosen questions invited to explore two paths on which solutions are usually found: a path in the future and a path in the past.

    Hope you'll like the model and find it useful.

    The background music is by me.


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