December 7, 2009

10 questions for the solution-focused coach

Below are some questions you may ask yourself as a solution-focused coach as you collect information from your coachee. The questions can be helpful in adapting yourself to your client and to make the conversation really useful.
  1. What is important to this client?
  2. How does this client view his situation?
  3. What does he want to see changed?
  4. What is his good reason for wanting to see that change?
  5. What does he see as advantages to himself and others of this change?
  6. What strategies has he already employed which have somehow been helpful?
  7. What improvements has he already made?
  8. How far is he already in accomplishing what he wants?
  9. What resources can he draw on?
  10. What is he willing to do and what will he not do?
I made this list based on a list by Insoo Kim Berg (in this book: Family Based Services: A Solution-Based Approach (Norton Professional Books), page 54). I changed her list quite a bit though, based on the seven steps approach.


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