October 26, 2009

Solution-Focused Coaching - Pathways to Progress


  1. Hi Coert

    Firstly, can I just say that I always love your choice of music for your presentations and this is no exception.Really classy !

    Just wanted to say that whenever clients say they can not find past exceptions I usually ask them what they are doing to prevent things being worse than they are. Depending on the client I might even sketch this. If the client attributes the difference to external factors I move onto the question of how they are behaving differently now compared to how they would have behaved in the more catastrophic condition. In other words...there is always a past exception to be found. Regards Paul

  2. Thanks Paul. The presentation is of course (necessarily) a reduction of the complex reality of SF conversations. The advantage is it can be illuminating for people who are learning the approach. The disadvantage is, you can not include many of the countless subtleties of the approach, like the one you mention.
    Thanks for your response, and glad you like the music choice


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