October 10, 2009

Solution Focused assumptions about children

I have trained many solution-focused practitioners who specifically work with children so I thought it would be interesting to focus on that a bit. So, following up on my posts about assumptions of solution-focused practise here is a list of solution-focused assumption about children taken from the book Children's Solution Work by Insoo Kim Berg and Therese Steiner (2003). They add the following: "Making connections with even the most difficult child is possible when we allow the child time to choose a path for him- or herself. Working with children need not be a long-term, difficult task, and utilizing their innate and natural tendencies and building on these strenghts is easier, efficient and more effective thatn trying to fill the deficit. This optimistic belief (at times described as naïve and Pollyanna-ish) in every child's ability to have a better future, whe given the appropriate help in a timely manner, is what keeps us working hard and keeps us from giving up on any child." Here is the list of assumptions:

Children’s Solutions Work – Insoo Kim Berg & Therese Steiner (2003)
We believe all children want to: 
1.    have their parents be proud of them
2.    please their parents and other adults
3.    be accepted & be part of the social group in which they live
4.    learn new things
5.    be active and be involved in activities with others
6.    voice their opinions and choices
7.    make choices when given an opportunity


  1. Great list.
    So, basically, children come with a natural, healthy tendency towards self-efficacy.

  2. Absolutely. We can also apply the 5 Erickspnian principle as well.
    1)Children are ok
    2)Behind every behavior there is a positive intention
    3)Change is inevitable
    4)Children do the best they can with the info they have at a certain time
    5)Children have all the resources they need already in them them


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