October 5, 2009

9 Solution-Focused Assumptions

Following up on yesterday's post, here is the list of assumptions as I put them down in my last book. As you see, it overlaps with the lists mentioned yesterday but like each of the other lists, this one differs in some details, too. Hope you'll like it. (Both the title and the assumptions are originally in Dutch but translated here into English).

Paths to Solutions-The Power of the Solution-Focused Approach - Coert Visser and Gwenda Schlundt Bodien (2008)
1.    Searching for causes of problems is not necessary. 
2.    The change begins with defining the desired situation. 
3.    Each case is unique. 
4.    Confronting is not necessary.
5.    The client wants to cooperate. 
6.    The client already has the solutions.
7.    There are always exceptions to the problem. 
8.    There is always already a beginning of the desired situation.
9.    Small steps forward will usually be enough. 


  1. Hi Coert, I like them! Thanks! And I could leave the 2 away which say what's not necessary (1 and 4), you nicely describe what to do instead. Warm greetings, K


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