September 18, 2009

Three definitions of solution-focused practice: which one is the best?

Yesterday and today I trained a group of experienced coaches, which were rather new to the solution-focused approach though. At the beginning of the second day I asked them to describe in one sentence what they saw as the essence of the solution-focused approach. Within a few minutes, this resulted in the following three definitions:
  1. Helping people to find solutions themselves in a positive way.
  2. The core of solution-focused practice is to, while working with the perspective of the coachee, work toward a desired situation by letting the coachee describe positive behavior.
  3. Future-oriented method which, on a short term, lets the customer formulate a positive behavior description which stimulates him to achieve the desired situation through self-found internal solutions.
Which of these definitions do you like best?


  1. I prefer the third one. The purpose of coaching has to be the indepandancy of the coachee by generating his own "fits"


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