September 19, 2009

Bill Clinton Quote

The important thing is to keep stumbling in the right direction.
~Bill Clinton (source)


  1. great advice from the master of stumbling (saw him on Jon Stewart's Daily Show this week, promoting his work but also health care reform .. go Wild Bill!)

  2. I was about to say that if there is somebody that knows something about stumbling, that is him... but blogbehave beat me to it!

  3. how true this is!!! We all stumble, no matter how great we aspire to be......

  4. Hi Vanessa, thanks. Even when stumbling we can try to keep our direction

  5. Bill is in this quote in excellent company. Hence the quote underneath.

    I know the path: it’s straight and narrow
    It is like the edge of a razors’ blade
    I rejoice while walking it
    I weep as I stumble and fall
    The Word says: ‘Who strives will never go down’
    I blindly trust that promiss
    Therefore in my weakness I can fall a thousand times
    Never again I shall despair

    Mahatma Gandhi


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